Wallet Tracker Cards are An Absolute Necessity

There are two people in our world today. Those who are very careful and protective of their things. And there are those who are not very careful. The latter group tends to have a lot going on in their lives on a daily basis. Those are the people, myself included who tend to lose their stuff a lot.

Losing anything is never a pleasant experience, but the worst thing to lose is your wallet. We all know, especially men, that our wallet contains almost our entire life functionalities. Such as driver’s licenses, passport cards, green cards, credit cards, not to mention medical insurance cards, the list is endless.

So imagine losing your wallet containing the aforementioned items. What would you do? To eliminate contemplating on an answer to such question as to what you would do in such a situation, we have found the perfect solution to avoid losing your wallets and even keys or entire pocketbook in the first place; a wallet tracker card.

A wallet tracker card is a simple credit card-like size card that is placed in your wallet just like your regular ID card or driver’s license. It is then connected to an app on your phone through Bluetooth. Which then alerts you of the whereabouts of lost or misplaced items, especially a lost wallet. It works on both ios and Android phones. Moreover, It sends ping signals to your phone to alert you when you move away from it.

It also sends the last location you had your wallet in your procession making it easy to track and find your lost item using GPS technology.

So if you are like most of us who constantly lose our wallet; then one of these wallet trackers listed below is exactly what you need.

1. Ekster wallet tracker card.

2. Tile Slim wallet tracker

3. Tile mate 1

4. Innway Card

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