Privoro Partners With Samsung to Prevent Data Breach with SafeCase.

Do you have the fear that you are being watched and listened to without your knowledge? Do you fear that your data is at risk? Are you an employer that fears data leaks because of spyware and other cyberattacks? Well, good news! your worries are over, especially for Samsung galaxy s22 users. 

Privoro has collaborated with Samsung to make a SafeCase that can disable microphones, cameras, and various sensors for samsung galaxy s22 in the event of cyber attacks.

 The SafeCase is just like any other phone case but with a built-in technology that allows people and companies prone to cyber attacks on their mobile devices to block attackers from accessing personal data and sensitive information on their devices even if the operating system is compromised.

 The SafeCase certainly provides certainty for samsung galaxy s22 users who consistently live in fear over data breaches and spyware attacks.

The only uncertain thing at the moment is that there is no time frame for when the SafeCase would be available to purchase and at what price to pay for one. But knowing that there is something out there for you to protect your privacy is worth knowing. 

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