iPhones: What’s the difference? Second Edition

Apple is one of the biggest tech names out there, most of us know them because of their iPhones. That’s what we’ll be discussing in this article. Just like in the last one, we’ll do a comparison to see which of the models is better. 

iPhone 13/pro/pro max/mini

Released on September 14th,2021 starting at $799 (which has since gone down with the release of the 14 and is now $699) Apple has sold over 40 million units of their iPhone 13. Said phone has six different finishes (Green, Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, and Red), a 6.1 display, emergency SOS, dual cameras, 19 hours of video playback time, an A15, face ID, Ceramic shield front tougher than any smartphone glass, and it’s waterproof for 30 mins in up to 6 meters.

Next is the 13 Pro, it’s pretty similar to the 13, starting at $999 (cheaper on different websites such as Amazon, eBay, best buy, and Walmart) the pro has 22 hours of video playback time, triple cameras, and six different finishes (Alpine Green, Silver, Gold, Graphite, Graphite, and Sierra Blue). There isn’t really much to say about the 13 which is disappointing, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less great.

Same with the 13 pro max it’s the same thing as the Pro the only difference it has is the 6.7 display and its starting price of $1099. Which again is a bit disappointing but it still has things that make it desirable. Lastly to finish off the iPhone 13 series is the mini, with a 5.4 display, 17 hours of video playback time, and dual cameras originally the mini was selling for $699. Now that the 14 has graced its way onto Apple’s website it has since dropped down to $599. For those who enjoy newer models, the mini would be your best bet because of the price, on top of that it still has capabilities that any other iPhone would. 

iPhone 14/plus/pro/pro max/

Released on September 7th,2022 the iPhone 14 didn’t make as many sales as the phones that came before it. Nevertheless, it’s still important to discuss what the 14 has to offer you. To start off the iPhone 14 series is the iPhone 14 itself, starting at $799 the 14 comes in six finishes (Blue, Purple, Yellow, Midnight, Starlight, and Red), a 6.1 display, dual cameras, emergency SOS, 20 hour video playback time, A15 bionic chip, face ID, ceramic shield front, an action mode that smooths out shaky handheld videos, and cash detection. Fun Fact: crash detection and the action mode are Apple’s newest features.

Next is the 14 plus, it’s been a while since Apple has released any plus-based phones it’s usually been pros and pro max and the occasional mini. The plus is not really different from the 14, the only difference is the 6.7 display, 26-hour video playback time, and its price of $899. 

Next is the Pro starting at $999 it has four different finishes (Deep Purple, Gold, Silver, and Space Black) a 6.1 display, emergency SOS, crash detection, triple cameras, face ID, ceramic shield front, A16 bionic chip, ban action mode that smooths out shaky handheld videos, up to 23 hours of video playback time, and dynamic island. Fun Fact: the dynamic island is also one of Apple’s newest features.

Finally, we have the 14 Pro Max; just like the pro, and plus together the only difference would be its price of $1,099 and its 29-hour video playback time.

Now knowing what you know, which phone will you choose?

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